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Personal and Family Services

Legacy Package

Capture a lifetime of memories, values, and life lessons. This investment will preserve your legacy for future generations. Research shows that families who share stories, especially those of making it through hard times, produce more resilient well-adjusted children. Click here to see examples.

*A coffee table book with up to 200 family photos referencing

*A Ten-Chapter DVD of filmed interviews

Includes: Pre-interviews, photo scanning, photo editing, one day of two person crew filming interviews with your loved one, video editing, book writing, editing and layout, one book, one DVD.


Memorial Video

When a loved one leaves us we often find comfort in sharing stories. Capture and preserve those memories in a memorial video. Clients find the experience healing and are happy to honor their loved one by preserving their legacy. Click here to see examples

*A Chapter DVD of family Interviews

Includes: Pre-interviews, one day two person crew filming of family members and friends, video editing


Celebration Video

The perfect anniversary or birthday gift. This limited topic video helps preserve the occasion and celebrate life’s milestones. Asking for someone’s story is an act of love. Click here to see examples

 *A DVD of Interviews

Includes: Pre-interviews, one day two person crew filming interviews of loved one(s), video editing.


Genealogy Services

You will get the benefits of all Amanda has learned pursing her personal passion for family history. If you have ever watched Who do you think you are? and wondered about your own family we have packages for you.

Packages Include:

*Consultation for getting started or understanding DNA results

*Hourly blocks of time to break through roadblocks or explore a family legend. Receive a detailed research report on what has been found, what archives have been searched with no result, and suggestions for further research.

* Share and organize your findings with our beautiful binders.


Your Project

Have a project in mind. Let talk! Hourly rate will be discussed.



Business Services

Family Business Package

Everything you need to capture and preserve the history of your family business and pass it on to future generations, employees, and customers. This investment will continue the legacy of what you have worked so hard to build and share the knowledge of your journey to help future generations with theirs.

 * Five Deluxe coffee table books with unlimited photos referencing the DVD

 *Ten-chapter DVD of family interviews

 *A promotional video for company website sharing the highlights of your business.

Includes: Research, pre-interviews, photo scanning, photo editing, two days of four person crew filming interviews with family members, editing family video, editing promo video, book writing, design, and editing, five books, five DVDs


Business History Package

Your Business has a story to tell. Capture and preserve that history with a promo video for your website. Share the values, lessons, and mission with employees and customers to connect them with your business.

*A promotional video for your company website.

Includes: Pre-interviews, one day of four person crew filming interviews, editing promo video


Why Promotional Video

A one-minute promotional video that shares not only what you do but why you do it. Helping to connect your business with your ideal clients. This video can be used on your website, social media, and email marketing. Click here to see examples.

Includes: Pre-interview, filming with Amanda, editing, and branding of video